About Us

Who We Are

Marley Healing Hands Healthcare dba Blomax Center is unique because we have deep roots in our community. We have devoted our lives to helping others. We have a culture where our community will ensure our success. We are a cause-driven business with a mission to maximize social impact. Studies show organizations with a strong social mission have a competitive advantage in the recruitment and retention of key personnel, resulting in increased productivity and employee morale. We intend to offer the highest quality residential care and day program services in the greater Phoenix area. We will have employed a fully-trained staff who will assist the residents in day-to-day living. In addition, there will be day programs that will provide a variety of activities and job skill training to help individuals grow.

Our Vision

Blomax Center primary focus is to keep our consumers’ best interests first. Our healthcare advocates that perfect compassion necessitates patience; it is not selfish.

Our Mission

Blomax Center Healthcare promotes the civil rights, dignity, and respect of each individual consumer. We are designed to help educate and develop the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs of consumers by working diligently with various service agencies.


Quality of Care

Blomax Center caregivers are concerned about their clients and are skilled at comprehending patients' personal lives as well as their faith in caregiving.


Blomax Center offers continual assistance and general supervision 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as needed, with more suitable judgments and planning for the welfare of others.


Physical comfort greatly impacts a patient's rehabilitation and is especially crucial for patients; fear and worry connected with the disease can be as debilitating as the physical repercussions.


We devote special attention to the following areas: assistance with activities and daily life requirements, Anxiety over one's physical condition and treatment Concern about the impact of the sickness on themselves and their families, as well as concern about the financial cost of illness


Communication is a critical component of our service, and our caretaker/attendant provides patients with the best possible care at home since Marley knows the wide range of healthcare preferences.

Systematic Plan for Tailored Care

We provide personalized services that are constantly tailored to the unique demands of our clients. Our services will accommodate your schedule, lifestyle, and interests, while also taking key considerations such as physical ability, mental condition, and other requirements.

” We're Here To Help When You Need It Most.”