Day Treatment Adult Program

Day Treatment Training for Adults (DTA)

The goal of Blomax Center is to encourage, support, and engage adults with Developmental Disabilities. Our focus is providing our participants with fulfilling opportunities that enable them to live an active, enriched life through a monthly curriculum combining  goal oriented,purposeful classes, and community outings. We want to provide an environment of safety, inclusion, positivity, and support not only for the adults in our program but their families as well. In line with each member's and his or her family's future vision, we want to give our members chances to socialize with others and acquire abilities that lead to fulfilling days. Each member will get assistance from our highly skilled staff in learning how to establish and retain friendships of their choosing, as well as in learning how to be assertive in the right situations, grow more independent, build social skills, and learn how to solve problems in order to connect with others on a regular basis.

Adults with developmental impairments can get day training at Blomax Center. For a portion of a 24-hour day, this programme delivers specialized sensory-motor, cognitive, linguistic, social interaction, and behavioral training to encourage skill development. This service also aims to provide training and supervision for the member in order to increase or maintain his/her socialization and adaptive skills in order to live and participate in the community, to provide opportunities to interact with friends and others in the community, including providing information about and facilitating access to community resources, and to provide opportunities to develop skills that lead to meaningful days, valued community roles, and promote. We provide training and assistance, such as:

  • Assistance and training related to personal and physical needs and routine daily living skills
  • Addressing behavioral concerns, developing behavior intervention programs, and coordinating with behavioral health programs to ensure proper review of medication treatment plans.
  • Ensuring the health needs of the member
  • Mobility training, alternative, or adaptive communication training
  • Providing general supervision to the member
  • Transportation assistance for all daily living activities

Some of the Program offerings are: Please refer MONTHLY CALENDAR for daily activity.

  • Fun, life enrichment activities and exercises programs led by our DCW 
  • Arts & crafts projects  
  • Sing-a-longs, exercise, dance-a-longs 
  •  Birthdays with cake and ice cream, Bingo, domino tournaments  
  • Music entertainment, movies, and popcorn
  • Of course, there is always some quiet time to watch the aquarium fish, watch TV or sit and visit or rest. 
  • Special events and holiday parties  
  • Fire Department, Phoenix Zoo, Bands, & many more 
  • Many other creative, engaging activities  
  • Blood pressure and weight monitoring 
  • Transportation to and from the center (restrictions apply) 
  • Quiet, comfortable areas with recliners and TVs for relaxing 
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